Why Do Women Have Periods Anyway?

“Period: ūüé∂ Guess who’s back… Back againūüé∂

Me: Ugh, can we not do this today?

Period: I can come back in 9 months?

Me: Keep fucking singing.” – LaceyNycole


I’ve always wondered why women have periods. It’s an unpleasant experience for many women¬†every single time¬†and it wouldn’t stop till it is that time of their life (the one to pause).

You might have come across some explanations for why in the past but they are probably not as easy to understand as this answer that was given by Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D in evolutionary biology from Monash University, on Quora;

So take a deep breath and follow as we read about HOW THE WOMAN GOT HER PERIOD.

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What Happened To The Wealth of The Richest Man To Ever Live?

A brief crash course on history’s richest man to have lived; Mansa Musa Keita 1 of the 14th-century Malian empire.

If you think I’m talking about Solomon you’re mistaking – he probably never existed.
Emperor Mansa Musa 1, of the 14th-century Malian empire, is the one I speak of. The only living being in reported history to directly control the price of gold in the whole Mediterranean!
How much was he worth? Well, after his net worth was adjusted for inflation it surmounted to a mouth-opening four hundred billion USD i.e $400,000,000,000 – more wealth than that of Sam Walton, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates combined!

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Jack of All Trades – Ma√ģtriser Plus D’un

So, you want to learn everything eh? I too want to learn everything — well, not everything but a whole lot of things.

I have often thought of myself as a Jack of many trades – a little knowledge here, a little knowledge there. But from the way the world is going it has become clear that one needs to be a master of at least one thing to stand out because a little here and there doesn’t cut it any longer. It has come to a time wherein a¬†jack of all trades is a master of none,¬†but oftentimes better than a master of one.

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