All Of BuzzFeed’s Snapchat Truth/Dare Suggestions

Interested in playing Truth Or Dare with me?
You can’t say you don’t have anyone to play with — I’m here 😀


How would you like to improve your Life with an awesome game of truth or dare? It can be a handy tool.

Thanks to the internet for helping us connect with people who we would not have been able to connect with because we are far away from each other and are not in constant communication. Voice calls can be expensive and letters are too “formal” and time-consuming to create. The internet has not just made communication a lot easier and more expressive of ourselves, it has helped us play games with our friends too -irrespective of distance.

I’m sure all of us have those groups of friends and family who we follow as they follow us but are barely in any contact with. On Snapchat, I’ve got two  Continue reading “All Of BuzzFeed’s Snapchat Truth/Dare Suggestions”