Why Do Women Have Periods Anyway?

“Period: 🎶 Guess who’s back… Back again🎶

Me: Ugh, can we not do this today?

Period: I can come back in 9 months?

Me: Keep fucking singing.” – LaceyNycole


I’ve always wondered why women have periods. It’s an unpleasant experience for many women every single time and it wouldn’t stop till it is that time of their life (the one to pause).

You might have come across some explanations for why in the past but they are probably not as easy to understand as this answer that was given by Suzanne Sadedin, Ph.D in evolutionary biology from Monash University, on Quora;

So take a deep breath and follow as we read about HOW THE WOMAN GOT HER PERIOD.

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Do Women Really Want Equality?

“You know what’s worse than catcalling? No one ever asking you out. Never feeling desirable. Always having to take the initiative sexually and getting rejected most of the time. One of the luxuries of being a woman is that we don’t have to ask for affirmative consent because we don’t have to take the initiative and therefore are not held responsible or accountable for anything that happens.”

Feminists would have us believe that life is so much worse for women than men, that we are weak and the “patriarchy” is against us, and therefore we deserve all sorts of programs and benefits just to be on a level playing field with men. But the plain fact is: here in the West, we have it pretty great. In many ways better than men. And if we really took a look at men’s lives, we might realize that.

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